Jocheon-eup Shinchon-ri is a small village 

in Jeju where the life of Jeju people is deeply buried.

By chance, many people were able to connect

with each other and be born into the story 

and space of the current Jocheon Masil.

In every corner of the house,

there were stories and traces of those who lived

for generations, and it was beautiful in itself 

without adding or decorating something.

Gopang, where the old soot remains,

the wooden doors and floors with their hands off, 

small storage spaces where the owner's taste was kept, and stone walls washed down by the wind.

There was a lot of time and effort

to keep these traces as they are.

In the  Jocheon Masil,

where life is as it is, feel the traces 

of life during your stay.

 22, Sinchonbuk 3-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

ⓒ 2019 Jocheon masil