Jocheon Masil was another challenge of Z-Lab, 

which has been with many stone houses in Jeju 

such as blind whale and JocheonDaek.

The story of Jeju is filled in Jocheon Masil, 

such as the floor that hold the breath of the years 

and Gopang, which retains its original shape.


WooWoo Architecture

A house in Jeju more than 200 years old 

had as many stories as that time.

Along with the story of space, 

Jeju people born and raised in Jeju carefully constructed it 

from beginning to end.


Dewsong Place

The first thing we started construction 

and worked with Jocheon Masil for the longest time

was to make Jeju style yard.

We hoped that the old Jeju house 

and the view from it 

would be the same as the old one.


Jeju Pottery

When we first met the Jocheon Masil, 

we liked the Jangdokdae, which people used to put pottery, 

in the backyard.

Although we can’t find Jeju traditional pottery, 

but we put various type of pottery there.


Won-il Smithy

There is a smithy that has been making knife of Jeju 

for a long time at village market of Jeju.

We introduce Jeju's knife and culture 

with the hope that you can 

feel the life of Jeju at least a little bit.


Jingkwang Pottery

Jocheon Masil's kitchen 

was hoped to be a little calm space.

We would like you to experience 

our food culture through Jingkwang Pottery, 

which contains the way it is.



We wanted to contain the comfort like the grandmother's arms 

at room of Jocheon Masil, 

which retains the appearance of an old stone house.

We hope you will have a long and memorable comfort 

with old-fashioned but lightly designed bedding.



Ikovox Coffee

When we first saw this place, 

we imagined the relaxation with a cup of delicious coffee 

while looking at the garden.

Enjoy the fragrant time 

prepared by the Ikovox Coffee.

 22, Sinchonbuk 3-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

ⓒ 2019 Jocheon masil